As a travel freak, a small village hamlet that made me witness the surrealist of mountains is  Chuikhim a small village in Kalimpong District of West Bengal located on the southern stretch of the Kalimpong hills. Chuikhim village is situated at 3,500ft above sea level. The village spreads across the hills, a thin water stream of the river (Leesh Chu) flowing by the village. This village is a small mountain village of 250 families with the purity of earthiness and sheer silence.

It is a paradise for bird watchers, a number of Himalayan birds easily can be seen here. You can trek in and around Chuikhim village and through the Chel forest. There are excellent opportunities for bird watching. You also can visit Lolegaon (23 km) and Samtahar(25km) from Chuikhim.

If we define the word “??????? “, then this place makes its own presence felt with its solitude and lush greenery. Amidst all the hustle and bustle of everyday lives, Chuikhim is an excellent spot to refresh and rejuvenate. Trekking, rock climbing, cave, nature walk, village walk, hiking, bird watching, star gazing, farming, reading, playing the guitar, singing, dancing, site scene, bonfire and many more activities can fill up your tour plans for some days there.

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If you want to spend two days in peace, then visit this place definitely…

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