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The darkened greyish gaze of skies, the gorgeous greens spread across, the hilly paths swerving down, the idyllic scenic splendour takes you to a mesmerising and picturesque place called ?????? ??????? ?? ????? ??????.

?????g is an ideal destination for enjoying the true rural life and the pollution-free ecological hotspot in ????? ?????? ???????? ???? ???? ??? ??????. It is one of the newest villages in the Imposing Eco-tourism Circuit, which offers excellent views of Mt. Kanchenjunga in its finesse and exquisiteness. A birding paradise for bird lovers, various birds of different species can be watched in the mountain forests, chirping and squealing from this beautiful Pabung. The birds that will make your trip more memorable are Minivet, Sunbird, Rollers, swallows, thrush, warbler and many more.

The strolls through the deep forests, listening to the silence of the woods, wandering through the alluring nooks of this hilly village will make you fall in love with the freshness and fauna of nature at its best. The homely arrangements of the homestay, the finest of the food and the trustable offerings of some wonderful scenic views will make you rush to this pretty Pabung more often.

The hide and seek play of the clouds, the roughish rise of the sun, the astounding sunrise and the sultry sunsets, the cosy corners of the homestay has its own quaintness and solitude away from the mad hustle and bustle of the city life.

The newest entry in the offbeat locations will touch your heart with warmth and your soul with wonder, so just take some time out to visit this place called Pabung and enjoy some moments of happiness and togetherness.

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